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Constantly Pulling Your Groin?

Do you ever suffer from inner thigh/groin pain? Do you wonder why your groin gets pulled so easily and so often? Your adductor muscles (the muscles that feel tight and painful when you pull your groin) are responsible for hip adduction, flexion, internal rotation and extension. They are important in amplifying power and stabilizing the body during exercises such as walking. But what if you have weak abdominal muscles? Then the adductors muscles are required to further help stabilize the central body core causing overload, tightness, and eventually pain. How do you know if you have a weak core with over-activated adductors? Take a pillow and place it between your knees. Slowly squeeze the pillow with your knees. Do you feel your abdominal region tightening up? Try again and be sure to breathe while squeezing. If your abdominal muscles are not contracting that means they are weak/inhibited and now the inner thigh muscles are now in charge of core stabilization. So what do you do now? If tolerable foam roll and stretch the groin! At New Haven Chiropractic & Sports Rehabilitation we take it a step further by not only stretching and loosening the groin muscles, but re-activating and strengthening your abdominal muscles as well as the adductor muscles to insure you get back to what you enjoy doing the most while doing it pain free!

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